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High Bandwidth Wireless Networking Technology Comparisonune
D'après Pulse-Link

First Generation Pulse~LINK™ UWB technology will create a new market niche in performance.

A crowded field of competitive technologies exists for wireless networking technology with transmission distances under 300 feet.

None of the prevalent technologies currently on the drawing boards offers high bandwidth wireless networking outside of this circle.

Pulse~LINK™ is being engineered to outperform from its earliest generations.


Technology Data Rate/sec. Max. Range Spectrum Notes
Bluetooth v1.1 721 Kilobits 30 feet 2.4ghz  Expected late 2001 
Bluetooth v2(?) 10 Megabits 30 feet to 100(?) feet 2.4ghz Proposed, not defined
802.11b 11 Megabits 250 to 300 feet 2.4ghz On Market
802.11a 54 Megabits 90 to 100 feet 5ghz Some claims of higher data (70 megabit?) at shorter distance
HiperLAN 25 Megabits 100 feet 2.4ghz European Standard
HomeRF 10 Megabits 150 feet 2.4ghz Outpaced by 802.11x
Pulse~LINK™ 1st Generation 80 Megabits 500 feet UWB Only high data rate wireless networking technology in 300 feet to 500+ feet range. 
Pulse~LINK™ 2nd Generation 100 Megabits 1000 feet+ UWB 3rd Generation will extend range to kilometers.

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